Temporary orders from JOEONE for their double-11 shopping spree,
help JOEONE to increased their performance continuously during the past 8 years.
Depth generation operation service, marketing and tops category expansion strategy.


We start our collaboration in 2016,
expanding the brand categories and emphasis optimize brand visual,
accelerate growth performance more than 60% and keep 100% growth on the double 11 shopping spree during the past two years.


6 years customer service outsourcing cooperation brand
6 years of continuous sales growth
Business men’s wear top 3
Customer service incentives deep management interaction

Cosmo lady

We provide generation operation service for Cosmo Lady and the sales exceed one million in the first month. During the first double 11 shopping spree, the sales more than 10 million, Underwear search traffic No.1. help them to get into the top 5 of underwear category successfully, the performance increase more than 300%.


We start our collaboration in June 2006, from brand orientation, enterprise image, price system and activity resources normalization, we prepare all of that for 5 months and got 2 million sales outbreaks during the first double 11 shopping spree, 20 million total sales in 2017, that has been a new bright spot for cross-border e-commerce cooperation


In 2017, we established Abckids Children's Shoes brand, independent team, independent finance and independent joint venture to provide full-link brand operation solutions, such as supply chain, warehousing logistics, platform channel layout, and operation promotion.