361 ° Group is a collection of brand, research and development, design, production and marketing of an integrated sporting goods company, its products include sports shoes, clothing and related accessories, children's clothing, fashion leisure category


ANTA Sports Products Co.,Ltd. (HKEX: 2020), referred to as "ANTA SPORT or ANTA” , is the leading sports products enterprises in China, mainly engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of sports products.


BAISIDUN (CHINA) DRESS CO., LTD , founded in 1981, is a large clothing company integrating design, research and development, production and sales


Dapai (China) co., LTD., Is a wholly owned enterprise established by dapai group (Hong Kong) co., LTD. In China. Both companies are located in beautiful scenery of China's three major luggage production base


MEXICAN men from North America famous fashion brand, it brings the latest fashion trend IN North America, the most IN the trend of development, emphasis on self extraordinary personality and positive attitude to life.


Dunlopillo is a 78-year-old world's top bedding brand, which is sold in 76 countries and is popular with consumers around the world. Dunlopillo was the founder of latex mattresses.


COSMO LADY is the first domestic fast fashion underwear brand. The brand was born in 1998. By 2014, there were more than 6,000 urban beauty stores in China. The brand's promotion of fashion is not exclusive to celebrities.


ERKE dedicated to take the sunny lifestyle through various forms to every corner of the world's young people, encourage them to keep a positive attitude, smile to the life, show their own passion, joy and vitality, stimulate the infinite creativity, imagination and positive energy.


Calliprimo is in Florence, Italy, the home of masaccio. Calliprimo (international) development co., LTD. Has established a world class clothing design institute and product research and development center. As a first-line brand under the Italian glipion (international) development company, glipion owns more than 5,000 chain stores worldwide and enjoys a good reputation in Europe.


New mobile Internet beauty makeup brand, using the topics of marketing innovation, the sharing of the network's got talent, crossover fragmentation interactive operation technique, opens the B2C2C share economic model, provides the opportunity for the partners, brings the huge commercial value, and make the HAFEISI poem this charming star brand, rapid rise in the short time.


This national brand that makes a person concern, win trust with western pants standard, obtain honor with strict quality. As a professional brand integrating product development, design research, manufacturing and marketing.


Goldlion brand originated in Hong Kong, China, founded by the famous patriotic personage, philanthropist Dr Zeng xianzi, its series products (and the rights to use goods) including men business suits, casual clothing, underwear, sweater, leather goods, shoes, clothing, apparel products.


K-Boxing focus of men's jacket, it in the end the jacket of unique design, so as to become China's top fashion jacket leader, lead the development design of jacket and dress at the same time, make more fashionable casual wear.


JOEONE is a leading brand of business casual men's wear in China. Its core products 
JOEONE men's trousers and jackets have occupied the leading position in the market. The company deals in the men's trousers, jackets and other clothing items .


Cabbeen is a famous Chinese fashion designer, Mr. Cabbeen, founded in 1997 in Hong Kong. The brand concept of "overturning fashion", forward-looking personality and fashion positioning, as well as the emphasis and persistence of original design have made cabhas become a synonym of Chinese original fashion men's wear.


Converse was born in 1908. Converse adheres to the independent design of the brand ,Start with the"rubber shoes," and then they began to making tennis and basketball shoes. Converse global headquarters officially landed in Boston, USA


LA MIU - a combination of angel and diabolical women's lingerie, with Sweet & Little Devil sparkles from the inside out, conveys Tokyo fashion.


Romon, founded in 1984. Romon Group is a national, non-regional, cross-industry and modernized large-scale clothing enterprise group approved by the state administration of industry and commerce.


Nittaya , Thai ambassador recommended brand, won the Thai foreign minister Dr Sent ji zhuang recommended latex bedding, 31 years brand ,Quality guaranteed,was the world famous hotel suppliers with a number of international certification, export to 26 countries.


Aubecq, founded in 1917, has a history of nearly 100 years and is one of the world's professional kitchenware manufacturers. A number of professional design, patent invention, international awards make Aubecq has become a synonym for kitchen utensils and appliances.


Founded in 1990, the seven-wolf brand is a pioneering brand in the men's wear industry in China. The plaid jacket was introduced in 2000 and became the "king of jackets" in china. It has occupied the first market share of Chinese jacket for 16 years.


Companies adhering to the "elaborate, delicate, precise and accurate" production policy, advocating the "establish national ambition, create a world famous brand" brand strategy, focus on "found that Chinese men posture beauty" thirty years, deducing Seven ”As wide as the world of the men's clothing" brand image.


Qiaodan Sports Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, mainly engaged in the sports shoes, sportswear and sports accessories with the design, development, production and sales, is China's leading sports brand enterprises, Fujian top 100 enterprises and the thirty top tax enterprises in Fujian China.


Satchi landed in the Chinese mainland market and quickly expanded with its excellent quality. Opened brand counters in more than 400 top shopping malls and brought new experiences of European classic dresses and bags to successful men from all walks of life.


FIRS Group is a fashion industry group based on apparel, clothing and textiles etc. They implements the "multi-brand, internationalization" strategy, with products as the core and brand management as the foundation, striving to expand the field of fashion industry.


STAVA (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It is a large-scale specialized clothing company integrating fashion design, development, production and sales. Mainly engaged in the brand "STAVA" (Sideya) men's clothing, products cover clothing, accessories, shoes and bags and some other men's related products.


XTEP was founded in 2001. It is a large fashion sports goods enterprise, adopted a differentiated marketing strategy, pioneering the idol artist's endorsement of sporting goods and achieved unprecedented success.


The company specializes in the design, production and sales of down jackets, focusing on creating the customer's favorite down apparel brand.


A leading men's casual apparel supplier in China, mainly designing and producing men's business casual and business dresses and accessories, and selling the brand's fashion apparel through their 26 distributors and more than 100 department stores.


EXULL brand belongs to Yisi Co., Ltd. Yisi Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 in China. It is a fashion footwear company that integrates R&D, production and sales. It owns two brands EXULL and DEIERLU.

Bla bla bra

Bla bla bra's products includes women's underwear, pants, body suits, home wear, lace pajamas, since its inception, it has quickly become a new favorite of fashion underwear industry with its unique Fun & Sexy new underwear culture.leading the fashion underwear trend.


BOSSsunwen - Entry lux brand of British style. BOSSsunwen provide a well-designed, elegant, stylish clothing and accessories for every modern man in the world


CAT shoes also named catfootwear. The company founded in 1904, manufacturingIndustrial tools and the world-famous CAT brand of casual wear and footwear. CAT has manufactures hiking shoes and casual sports shoes for a long history.


EXBEHE means of EXcellent, BEAUTIFUL and HEALTHY. Represents the quality and development concept of EXBEHE.


Founded in 1985, from New York/Singapore/Hong Kong to Xiamen, FUN has used its unique skills to create original, co-branded or introduced other international fashion brands and trend images. It incorporated the inspiration of the fashion bridge into the style of American street, created outstanding works and very popular with trendsetters and celebrities.


Founded in the late 1970s, it is a design company specializing in the management of urban high-taste casual wear. Gill and Green brothers jointly teamed up with Hong Kong Silver Boxing Investment Co., Ltd. to jointly build Ningbo Hehe Jeska Clothing. Co., Ltd. carries out brand promotion in the Chinese mainland.

gxg jeans

Affiliated to GXG's “Adolescent Tide brand”, the new series emphasizes the life style of young people and launches life series and sport series with urban youth.


Jasonwood is a company which designs and sells denim casual apparel, shoes, bags and accessories. The brand was born in 2000.


Since its inception, the MARCCASNE has been adhering to the concept of European fashion design, integrating international fashion elements. With its simple, stylish and sexy style, MARCCASNE has attracted the world's fashion-conscious men.


As one of the most valuable sports brands in the world, the NBA sports industry has create hundreds of billions of dollars worth of global production each year and drive the development of a series of related industries.


Brand started with tie, and Ralph Lauren took the lead to launch a wide-type tie in the United States. Afterwards launch men's, women's, baby's, boy's, sportswear and POLO/RALPH LAUREN's leather goods, bags, hats, socks, eyewear, accessories, household goods etc.


In 1995, SPALDING officially entered the Chinese market. With its excellent quality, delicate touch, rich brand connotation, complete and mature product line, SPALDING firmly occupies the position of the first basketball brand.


Swjeans is a American tidal brand of SEPTWOLVES. Founded in 1990, it adheres to the “classical heritage of fashion” , actively explores the Chinese traditional culture. at the same time, it integrates Western fashion elements into its own design concept.


Taijizen was jointly initiated by Jack Ma and Jet Li, It aims to spread healthy and happy lifestyles and share the wisdom and insights absorbed from the ancestors' Tai Ji culture to the world.


Brand franchise products have covered more than 135 countries through franchising, and operate in specialty stores, department stores and brand stores. Diversified brand products include men's and women's clothing, children's wear, accessories, bags, watches, shoes and furniture.


The WENGER brand was established in 1893 in Switzerland,
it has a long history. The Wenger Swiss Army Knife is the world's best known saber brand. Its mark is a cross in the middle of a square. In addition to sabers, Wenger has many other famous products, including watches and backpacks.